Eddy Current Dynamometer

Backed by a team of skilled professionals we are offering our clients a wide range of Eddy Current Dynamometer. The offered dynamometer is developed with the help of supreme quality material and contemporary technology in fulfillment with set industrial norms. Our offered dynamometer has low inertia & dynamically balanced rotors. This dynamometer is properly tested on numerous parameters in order to ensure its flawlessness.


  • Bi-directional operation
  • Low residual torque
  • Built-in filter-regulator and electric/pneumatic converter


  • Power absorption: 20 w to 900 kw
  • Max torque: 500 kgm (5000 nm)
  • Speed indication: digital indicator
  • Torque sensor: Reaction type torque cell or rotary torque sensor
  • Torque ratings: 0. 2 nm to 5000 nm
  • Speeds: up to 30,000 rpm depending on the model
  • Torque indicator: digital indicator with zero, span, calibration presets
  • High torque-to-inertia ratio power rating: 20 Watts to 900 kw
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Low residual torque

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA

Powder Dynamometer 100% Torque at Zero Speed

Product Details:
  • Brand: Own
  • Model: Appsys
  • Application: Industrial

In order to meet the variegated requirements of the clients we are dedicatedly engaged in offering Powder Dynamometer. Offered dynamometer is suitable for applications operating in the low to mid speed range and mid to high torque range. This dynamometer is precisely designed utilizing high grade material and sophisticated tools in adherence with set industrial norms. Our dynamometer is appreciated in front of customers owing to its superior performance.


  • Simple construction
  • Low weight
  • small required space


  • Torque range: from 0.01 Nm (0.1) Kgm upto 10000 Nm (1000 Kgm) of torque
  • Power ratings: up to 150 kw

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA

Eddy Current Dynamometer

With our rich industry experience in this domain, our enterprise is providing a wide range of Eddy Current Dynamometer Self / Air Cooled that ensures fast response and high degree of control stability. Our provided dynamometer is developed from the modern technology & best quality of material. Clients can avail this dynamometer from us at affordable prices in a given time frame. This dynamometer is thoroughly tested on different quality parameters by our quality analysts for delivering a defect free range. Specifications: • Power rating: 0.18 KW to 55 KW • Max Speed: 4,000 RPM • Torque Indicator: Spring Balance OR Digital Indicator with Zero, Span, Calibration presets • Max Torque: 100 KgM (1000 Nm) • Speed Sensor: 60-Tooth wheel with Magnetic Speed Pick up Sensor • Torque Sensor: Spring Balance with Pulley & rope, Load cell or Rotary Torque Sensor • Cooling: Self Cooled or FAN Cooled, to avoid Water Cooling hassles.

Motor Test Rig

Various Motor Test Rig are offered for electric motor testing, ac motor testing, dc motor testing, fractional hp motor testing, air motor testing, pneumatic motor testing, hydraulic motor testing, bldc motor testing.

Dynamometers employed to test motors are:

Eddy current dynamometers, powder dynamometers, tandem dynamometers, ac regenerative dynamometers, dc regenerative dynamometers. Our proprietary appsys motor test software developed for motor test to monitor & display motor input power, output power, efficiency, input voltage, motor no load current, full load current, no load & full load speed, no load & full load torque, power factor, motor temperature, bearing temperature, winding temperature.

PC based motor test set up, window xp /win7 operating systems, pc hardware, core 2 duo pc with built in ram & pci card with necessary digital & analogue inputs & outputs, power analyzer. Input power (motor power sensor to sense motor power -to monitor motor electrical input power & for calculation of efficiency) & output power, speed, torque, efficiency are displayed on monitor & stored in table & graphs in ms excel format. PC auto & pc manual mode selector soft push button switch on monitor screen. In pc auto mode, data is captured on predetermined (site settable) time & torque loading in 100 steps (independently settable), whereas in pc manual mode – data is captured manually by pressing data capture soft button on screen. Captured data is exported to ms excel in table forms & in graphs form to show torque-speed characteristics, torque-current and speed-current, efficiency characteristics, torque-speed oscillations at steady state torque at different temperatures, temp measurements etc. & custom characteristics required by clients.

Accessories such as motor temperature, winding temperature measurements, motors mounting test bed, test stands with t slot having x, y & z adjustment for length, width & height adjustments is also offered along with dynamometer.

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA

AC Regenerative Dynamometer

Our enterprise is instrumental in manufacturing and supplying unique range of AC Regenerative Dynamometer that has digital indicator with zero, span & calibration presets. The dynamometer offered by us is developed using optimum quality material and ultra-modern technology keeping in mind the set industrial norms. This dynamometer is available in number of customized options as per the specifications laid down by our customers. We are giving this dynamometer on promised time frame at competitive rates. Features:
• Easy to operate
• Rigid design
• Long functional life
• Ratings up to 300 kw
• Trunnion mounted or with in-line torque sensor
• Energy-efficient
• Direct measurement of friction / system losses • Inertia and vehicle road-load pattern simulation • Fast response and high degree of control stability

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA

Motor Test Dynamometer

Motor Test Dynamometer, is combination of Powder Dynamometer & Eddy Current Dynamometer. Tandem Dynamometers are used for testing prime mover right from Zero RPM to extended speed range.

Other Details:


  • Powder Dynamometers, as their name suggests, contain magnetic powder in Dynamometer. The electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder from free flowing condition at no excitation, to solid rock condition at full excitation
  • Thus producing a smooth braking torque through friction between rotor and stator – proportional to excitation
  • Eddy Current Dynamometer, is simple dynamic load system for accurate testing of all type of Electric Motors, Air Motors, Hydraulic Motors, Engines and other rotating machinery's. Eddy Current Dynamometer provides the ideal solution for accurate analysis of Power, Torque, Speed, Fuel and Lubrication consumption and quick pass / fail testing of all type of Electric Motors, Engines, Gears and other Rotating Machineries




  • In Eddy Current Dynamometers rated torque is developed at approximately 15% to 25% of maximum speed capability depending on models.Advantage of Powder Dynamometer is that it controls Torque right from Zero RPM but has poor heat dissipation capacity (due to higher speed), whereas Eddy Current Dynamometer operating range is 300 RPM onwards to 18000 /30000RPM, but below 300 RPM it doesn’t produce rated braking torque.Hence, to apply Torque loading from Zero RPM to full speed - Tandem Dynamometer – at lower speed Powder Dynamometer is in operation, whereas at higher speeds Eddy Current Dynamometer are in use. Powder Dynamometer & Eddy Current Dynamometer are constructed in line, has one output shaft, to be coupled to unit under test.
  • Electronic dual channel Controller switches Excitation Voltage from Powder Dynamometer to EC Dynamometer & vice a versa at preset transfer speed, for bump less, jerk free Torque loading. The unique features of each type of dynamometer are utilized allowing for broad torque and speed range capabilities. A judic Specifications selection and sizing of units provide a combination with extended speed and power ranges as needed for load testing of hydraulic motors, servo motors, AC & DC motors, AC & DC Electronic Dives and so on.
  • Tandem Dynamometers are offered with basic controls of Torque & Speed by Manual Controller as well with PC based, Specifications: Puterized controls for data acquisition & post test analysis in graphical & tabled reports, useful for monitoring Performance & Endurance data of Tests performed, in R&D, Engineering & Production departments.

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA

Hub Motor Dynamometer

BLDC Hub Motor Test Dynamometer & Endurance Test Set up, consist Various types of Dynamometers & Control configurations as Manual Torque Control, PLC Controlled, PC Based Data Acquisition.BLDC Motors, as they are compact in size, lighter in weight & Most Efficient than other Electric Motors, They are used as Hub Motor Electric Vehicles – Scooters, Electric Bicycle, BLDC Shafted Motors for Solar Power Submersible Pumps, Sump Pumps, for various applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Lifts, Cranes, Elevators,Air Condition & Refrigerator Compressors, Fans, Cleaners- Scrubbers, Sweepers, Lawn movers, Trade mills & fitness equipments & many more applications. Dynamometers employed to test motors are:Powder Dynamometers, Eddy Current dynamometers, Tandem Dynamometers, AC Regenerative dynamometers,DC regenerative dynamometers. Our Proprietary APPSYS MOTOR TEST software developed, using National Instruments Lab View Platform, for BLDC Motor test, to monitor & display Motor Electrical Input Power, Mechanical Output Power, Motor Efficiency, Input Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Motor No Load Current, Full Load Current, No Load & Full Load Speed, No Load &Full Load Torque, Motor temperature, Bearing temperature, Winding temperature, etc.PC based Motor test set up consist: Window XP /Win7 operating systems, PC hardware & PCI Data Card with necessary Digital & Analogue inputs & outputs, Power analyzer, Electrical Input Power (Motor Power Sensor to sense Motor Power -To monitor Motor electrical Input Power & for Calculation of efficiency) & Mechanical Output Power –Speed & Torque, Efficiency are displayed on Monitor & stored in tabular form & graphs in MS Excel format. PC Auto & PC Manual mode selector Soft push button switch on Monitor screen. In PC Auto mode, Data is captured predetermined (Site settable) time & Torque Loading in 100 steps (independently settable), whereas in PC Manual mode – Data is captured manually by pressing data capture soft button on screen. Captured data is exported to MS Excel in Table forms & in Graphs form to show Torque-Speed characteristics, Torque-Current and Speed-Current,Efficiency characteristics, Torque-Speed Oscillations at steady state Torque at different temperatures, Temp measurements etc. & custom characteristics required by clients. Accessories such as Motor Temperature, Winding Temperature measurements, Motors mounting Test bed, Test Stands with T slot having X, Y & Z adjustment for Length, Width & Height adjustments is also offered along with dynamometer.

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  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, INDIA
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